Photography Permits

Since we are a privately-owned farm, all professional photographers (those who are paid for their services and/or bring props as part of the photo session) are required to pay for a daily photography permit. Apple orchard permits and photography sessions are only available end of August through end of October, Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm.  No permits or photography sessions will be allowed on Columbus Day.

Daily photography permit is $30. In addition to the permit, you are required to purchase an apple bag for each family session and each individual session. For more information, click on Keller's Farmstand Oswego Apple Orchard.

  • Photographers must complete photo session by 6:00pm, including cleanup.
  • Photographers can only take photos in the Oswego apple orchard.
  • Climbing and/or shaking the apple trees will cause damage. Photos of clients in apple trees are not allowed.
  • Only pick the apples you are buying.
  • Backpacks, large purses or bags, ladders, and apple-picking poles are not allowed in the orchard.
  • Since photography sessions take place during normal business hours, customers will be sharing the orchard with you.

Photographers are required to sign the permit stating they agree to the rules and guidelines of the permit and Keller's Farm. Photographers are responsible for familiarizing themselves, and informing clients, of permit/farm rules.

We request that you inform us of your photography session 24 hours in advance by emailing us at Session scheduling will not start until mid-August when the orchard opens. Pay for the permit and apple bags in the Oswego Farmstand on the day of your session. Permits and all rules involved pertain to videography sessions as well.

Supply and demand will dictate how long our apple season will last. Please call the Oswego Farmstand (630-219-8194) for apple orchard conditions and apple supply. Refer to our Apples webpage for apple variety availability.

Apple Orchard