Photography Permits

Since we are a privately-owned farm, all professional photographers (those who are paid for their services and/or bring props as part of the photo session) are required to pay for a daily photography permit. Flower Field photography permits are only available end of July through mid-August, for the days/hours that they are open. Apple Orchard photography permits are only available in September and October, on weekdays only .  No permits or photography sessions will be allowed on Labor Day or Columbus Day. Nature will determine start and stop of the events each year.

Daily photography permit is $50. In addition to the permit, you are required to pay the current entrance fee for the area in which you will be shooting (either Apple Orchard or Flower Fields). EVERY member of your photo shoot party (ages 5 and up) must also pay the entrance fee. For more information about the events for which you may want to obtain a permit, go to on Keller's Farmstand Oswego Apple Orchard or Keller's Flower Fields.

  • Photographers must complete photo session and have all equipment/props removed from the shoot area by the time event closes. This includes cleanup of the area. Please leave it like you found it.
  • Photographers may only take photos in the Oswego Apple Orchard or Oswego Flower Fields.
  • Climbing and/or shaking the apple trees will cause damage. Photos of clients in apple trees are not allowed.
  • Only pick the apples you are buying.
  • Any cut flowers or additional sunflowers picked will incur a fee (there is one free sunflower bloom per ticket). Please ask any questions you have about this prior to picking.
  • Backpacks, large purses or bags, and ladders are not allowed in the Apple Orchard or Flower Fields. You may not bring in your own vases or buckets for flowers.
  • Since photography sessions take place during normal business hours, customers will be sharing the farm areas with you. Please be respectful of our customers around you!
  • The permit entitles photographer/business named on permit to use ONE area on the stipulated day for a period of up to 90 minutes, maximum.

Photographers are required to sign the permit stating they agree to the rules and guidelines of the permit and Keller's Farmstand and farm. Photographers are responsible for familiarizing themselves, and informing clients, of permit/farm rules.

We request that you inform us of your photography session a minimum of 24 hours in advance by emailing us at Session scheduling will not start until mid-July when the Flower Fields open, or mid-August when the Apple Orchard opens. In your photography permit confirmation email, it will state where to pay for the permit and entrance fees on the day of your session. You must relinquish your driver's license to obtain a photo/video pass, and must keep that with you at all times and be prepared to show it to Keller's personnel upon request while on premises. You must return the pass in the Farmstand to retrieve your license. Permits and all specified rules involved pertain to videography sessions as well as photography.

Supply and demand will dictate how long our flower and apple seasons last. Please call the Oswego Farmstand (630-219-8194) for orchard or flower conditions and apple or flower supply. Refer to our Apples webpage for apple variety availability.

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