We require the following information to help us manage the large amount of donation requests we receive. Please fill out the following form and submit at least three weeks before your event. LOCAL events/charities only.

OUR ONLY DONATIONS ARE PASSES TO OUR FALL FESTIVITIES. We will contact you should we decide to donate to your cause. To maximize our time for customer service, we ask that you stick to this method of communication versus requests over the phone or email.

Other things to know:

  • Donated items must be picked up at one of our locations.
  • To eliminate fraud, we require proof of your involvement with the organization/school/group. Once we approve your request, you must provide a letter on company/organization letterhead stating the information in the form below.

*Please -- no donation requests for events outside of our seasons. We are open from the end of April to October 31. We are unable to accept donation requests when we are not open for business. Thank you!