Thank you for the BEST memories!

Screen Shot 2023-11-06 at 12.27.10 PM (2)
Oh-hhhhhh, 2023. What a year! And how fast you have flown by! 
It seems like only yesterday that we were looking at the seed catalogs, organizing Floral Face-Off and My Favorite Flower, picking sweet corn, enjoying the blooms of the Cut Flower Field, creating our NEW Farmstand Blends of coffees and teas, watching out for Cryprids, and reveling in the bumper crop of delicious apples! 
As we wind down our farm operations for the year, we remember YOU – the best customers in the world! – and can’t wait to get started on new plans for 2024. 
But for now, just as the trees (and some animals and people!) are entering their dormant phase, we’re thankful for a wonderful year of beauty and bounty and smiles!
Until we see you again, we wish you joy and magic!