The Countdown Has Begun to Sweet Corn and Produce


It’s July! And that means the countdown has begun — our Farmstands will be opening on Tuesday, July 19, for produce and sweet corn sales! Please note: After much thought and consideration, we have decided not to reopen our Fox Valley Summer Market. It’s been a great 12 years, but we are going to focus our time and energy on our other locations in Oswego, Naperville and Plainfield. Sweet corn will be ready on opening day as well! Why did we not open sooner? Because we won’t sell our produce and sweet corn until it is ready! And that changes a little bit every year, due to growing conditions. It’s been really hot this year, with not as much rain as we’d like. We’re farmers — we make adjustments — but we can’t always predict the opening day. However, we do promise to keep you informed here and in our social media, so stay tuned for more info to come soon!