Dormant Pruning

Orchard pruning

Maybe we shouldn’t say this out loud, but it’s been a relatively mild winter. Perfect for giving trees a little TLP…er-rrrr “Tender Loving Pruning.” That’s exactly what Nik, Marty, Frank, Nathan, and Melissa have been doing – giving the apple trees a little TLP.

It does not have to be mild in order to prune trees or shrubs or hedges in the winter. The most important thing is to prune them when they are dormant or in winter hibernation mode. Why? Because:

  1. The trees are less susceptible to pests and/or diseases.
  2. The trees will heal more quickly in their dormant stage, which means that by the time spring and the growing season arrives, your trees will be healthy!
  3. With the leaves gone, the pruning team are better able to see any damage to trees or branches.
  4. Pruning encourages flower and fruit development.

The more we tend to our apple orchard this winter, the better chance that we will have the most exceptional apples for you to enjoy! We’re doing it for YOU!

Thanks, Nik, Marty, Frank, Nathan, and Melissa!