Homegrown Vegetables?

tomato plants

Customers have been asking, “Where are your homegrown vegetables?”

These days, anyone can find any vegetable at any grocery store at any time. Why? They are grown throughout the country and world and then put on a truck and shipped to a local supplier. Growing seasons don’t exist for many consumers.

For us, growing seasons are EVERYTHING! Our lives revolve around what to plant and when. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Here’s what we have transplanted recently on the Oswego farm:

  • 7000 tomato plants (including 25 cherry tomato plants)
  • 1000 sweet pepper plants
  • 500 hot pepper plants
  • 200 eggplant plants

Last weekend, we transplanted cucumber and zucchini plants as well. Why did we wait so long to transplant outside? We’re trying to coordinate it with the arrival of sweet corn season (mid-July) although they might be ready to pick earlier than that. Our website ‘Summer’ page has an approximate harvest schedule. When our vegetables are ready, we will certainly post it here as well as social media. Thanks for your patience. Our homegrown vegetables are worth the wait!